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Emergency Locksmith is a locksmith based in Paris. Speaking quickly and directly to you to change a lock, open a door or even put up a shield, wherever you are in Paris. Whatever your problem we have the key..

Where to find us

To find the locksmith in Paris is simple, just call us on 01 84 14 37 89. We operate from our local on the entire Paris region - Ile-de-France. Mostly in emergency response, we are rarely in our premises.

The locks do not wait and must be found as soon as the key to the problems of our clients and this often in emergency: door opening, lock change, replacement barrel, etc. To request a quote please contact us directly, you will have a clear price depending on the service requested.

The world of the locksmith in Paris

The small world of cheap locksmiths in Paris is a world of specialists and passionate professionals. Often artisan, locksmith works by passion. From morning to night he helps those seeking advice or help. The quality approach should lead towards securing a place to live. Whether a door or mailbox these sensitive areas are often protected by one or more locks. The commitment of locksmith companies and therefore to intervene or troubleshoot the only walls between your private life and the outside world.

Specialist approves the cheap Parisian locksmith will assist you in your dealings with transparent prices. Any quote is free. Do not launch an SOS most random and put your safety in the hands of a specialist locksmith company, fast and predictable.

Whatever your district we will find a solution. Find below the list of districts and district covered by our services.


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Door opening

You are unable to open your front door and you are locked out? The door opening allows you to access your home quickly and urgently.

Shielding door

If you want to enjoy a secure door and thus secure your apartment.


How to open a lock without a key?

Warning: pick the lock of a third party without authorization is forbidden by law.

When should I call a locksmith?

The locksmith may intervene in various cases the call is to have the assurance of a pro service.

How to become a locksmith store?

Locksmith is a passion for art that requires training.